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20 business-themed films - 20

1. 华尔街之狼The wolf of wall street 简介:1987年,22岁的乔丹进入罗斯柴尔德公司,从接线员做起,在高级经纪人马克指点下,进入股票经纪人充满毒品和欲望的世界,半年后因“黑色星期一”,乔丹转投靠贩卖“便士股票”的小公司,凭借巧舌如簧获得成功,游走在灰色地带获利颇丰,获称...

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GameStop: All The Right Moves

Summary GameStop is on the right track with continuous buybacks, efficiency initiatives and changes to PowerUp Rewards Pro. Even the corporate aircraf...

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Marriage in Japan - ?


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