This Crypto Game Will Level You Up (Or Down) Using Real-Time Prices

Crypto Against All Odds, Crypto Game

The tower-defense game claims to take a 'humorous take on blockchain technology and crypto culture'. | Source: Pictagor Games


  • Tower-defense game ‘Crypto Against All Odds’ tracks real-time cryptocurrency prices and allocates fiat resources to your defenders.
  • Each defender is built in the spirit of its corresponding blockchain technology.
  • Changes in pricing will force gamers to change strategies accordingly.

A new crypto game scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2020 is integrating a novel new mechanic into its gameplay.

Crypto Against All Odds is a blockchain-themed tower defense game that tracks cryptocurrency prices in real-time and allocates the corresponding resources to your crypto defenders.


 The idea is pretty unusual but certainly fresh in an already crowded market. Cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and highly volatile and, as a result, the gameplay may follow suit.

Crypto-Cultured Tower Defense

In keeping with the evolving nature of the industry Crypto Against All Odds pits you against a number of fitting enemies. Ransomware, 51% attacks, hackers – all the usual FUD that you’ll need to clear before moving on to the next level.

Bitcoin ability in crypto gameEach crypto defender has its own unique ability | Source: Crypto Against All Odds

Each crypto defender also has its own unique ability and the developer has tried to design them in line with their respective technologies. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, Plasma on Ethereum, Monero’s RingCT, and so on.

As one Redditor explains: Very cool. Education and recreation all wrapped into one.

Blockchain Games Are On The Rise

Crypto Against All Odds is not built on the blockchain. But it does contribute to the overall awareness of the industry.

Ethereum-based Gods Unchained recently registered a huge spike in interest after rival publisher Blizzard toed the political line by banning one of its Hong Kong grandmasters.

The digital collectible card game also transferred a massive six million cards over Ethereum in just three days. Blockchain or not, crypto-focused games are drawing notable interest from game developers.


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